Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles Delivery in KL

Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles Delivery in KL

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SUKIYA is famous for its delicious and multitude choices of rice bowl dishes. They bring the exclusive dining experience by implementing food technology and the best expertise from Japan itself. They fuse them together in Kuala Lumpur to create an opportunity for us to experience the authenticity of Japanese cuisine. The best part is – Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles is now available for delivery in KL!

So why travel far and spend way too much money when you can get some cheap and tasty Japanese food just right around your corner? What’s more exciting is that you can enjoy the authentic Japanese food right at the comfort of your home.

  • Chicken

SUKIYA provides chicken katsu don, teriyaki chicken bowl, and many other chicken dishes for all the chicken lovers out there! A beautifully fried chicken cutlet put together with SUKIYA special sauce on top of a bowl of rice will make your taste buds crave for more. Feeling like having more than one cutlet of chicken?

Fret not! This authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant serves many dishes for you to try. Maybe you can try some of the curry chicken for some fantastic taste of gravy with rice.

  • Washoku-Zen

What can you do if there are too many dishes and you cannot choose? Well, these set menus will help your indecisive self. SUKIYA puts extra care for its customers to have authentic Japanese cuisine, and what’s even better is when it is in a bit of everything.

Each menu set is served with a bowl of miso soup, veggie side dish, pickled veggie, a bowl of rice and of course, a classic green tea drink. This well-balanced set of meal is a favourite for many food lovers, especially their Tokyo Oyako Zen.

But if mushrooms are not for you, then try the Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Zen, Sukiya Zen or Gyudon with mini curry Zen. More set meals can be found on the menu.

  • Miso Soup

Don’t miss out on the infamous miso soup, the classic Japanese soup that can help to prepare your palette before munching on some tasty Asian food. It’s a bowl of hot miso soup that tastes salty, tangy, and savoury on its own. Perhaps if you crave for something crunchy?

You can try some of their Kara Age, the Japanese fried chicken or have some of Gyoza, fried dumplings with delicious stuffing with a side of fresh-shredded salad and soy sauce. They even have Takoyaki!

I mean, it’s literally the best Japanese snack to have at any time of the day and anywhere!

  • Suki Cha

SUKIYA comes with different types of refreshing drinks for you to have. They serve a generous selection of Suki Cha Sencha Tea, that have refreshing flavours such as vegetal, seaweedy and green.

You can have this healthy drink combined with lemongrass and mint, lychee, rose berry, and peach and mint flavours. All you have to do is choose! It is great to soothe your throat with some ice-cold beverages.

Among other selections, they also serve a Japanese tradition or classic Japanese drink; matcha latte with coconut mango, matcha latte with Tokyo flan, matcha latte with white chocolate or just a typical Japanese matcha – the soothing iced drink with a dash of whip cream and a drizzle of chocolate crème.

Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles Delivery in KL

Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles in KL are always crowded with customers, everyday. And here in foodpanda, we understand how frustrating it can get to wait in line. Thus, you can now enjoy their dishes at your own home because delivery for Sukiya Tokyo Bowls  Noodles delivery is now made available in KL! Just download the foodpanda app and place your orders now!

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