Top 10 Best Sushi Delivery in Malaysia

Top 10 Best Sushi Delivery in Malaysia

Sushi is the perfect light meal, or a simple appetiser before consuming something more filling. I mean, who doesn’t love sushi? Exactly, nobody. And with people’s love for sushi only growing stronger and stronger by the day, it’s no wonder that most sushi restaurants in Malaysia have started offering sushi delivery services for their meals!

Here are the top 10 best sushi delivery in Malaysia you can find. Enjoy! 

1. Sushi King

Sushi King is undoubtedly a nostalgic favourite for most Malaysians. Known for their affordable prices, you can choose from 3 different sushi categories when ordering from Sushi King. They offer maki, nagiri and gunkan sushi choices, as well as a variety of other types of Japanese dishes to boot.

2. Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei offers a large assortment of various sashimi dishes, as well as nagiri, temaki, sushi rolls and gunkan options as well. For days when you can’t really decide what sushis you want to eat paired up together, Sushi Tei’s sushi moriawase options will always be there to help save you the trouble of choosing each sushi yourself!

3. Burger & Sushi

As the name suggests, Burger & Sushi offers a large assortment of burger and sushi dishes. From hosomaki, makimono and nagiri sushi, all the way to tempura — Burger & Sushi has it all! Not to mention, you can also order a big, juicy burger to really complete your meal.

4. Sushi Q

Here, you can request for a variety of sushi, inari and handrolls. They also offer sushi boxsets for when you’re feeling a little bit hungrier, such as their Salmon Sushi Box Set and Lobster Mayo Yaki Box Set, to really fill you up. Donburi and ramen options are also available if you’re looking to eat something warmer and more fulfilling alongside your sushi.

5. Gurume Sushi

Gurume Sushi offers you exclusively sushi, and nothing else. From Hosomaki sets to Rainbow Rolls, you know you’ll be able to get your sushi fix here. Although sushi options might seem limited, they make up for it in freshness and tastes!

6.Fuji Sushi

Here, you can get Fuji Sushi’s very own FUJI SUSHI SPECIAL ROLLS. Coming with six pieces each, you have up to 11 choices to choose from, so you never run out of options when ordering out to eat! As a bonus, you can also order one of their larger sashimi and sushi combos for when you’re with your family or a large group of friends.

7. Sakura Sushi

From more unique options, like Pandan Tamago Cheese, to more classic sushi, like Inari Tuna Mayo, you’re never running out of things to choose from when ordering from Sakura Sushi. They also offer fresh assortments of sashimi, all of which are at affordable prices!

8.Sushi House

With prices as cheap as RM2.00, you can get your sushi cravings fixed without feeling like you’re breaking the bank here at Sushi House! They also offer a wide range of maki rolls, gunkan, and nigiri sushi for you to choose from.

9. Rokko Japanese Grill Dining

Although on the slightly pricier side, Rokko Japanese Grill Dining offers fresh sashimi and various sushi types alongside their main courses and meals. You can also get eight-piece assorted sushi sets alongside one of their many teppanyaki dishes for a complete, and fulfilling meal.

10. Sakae Sushi

You might recognise Sakae Sushi by their iconic green frog mascot. But besides that, they also offer affordable and delicious sushi you can order to-go! With over 33 sushi options for you to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect sushi dish for you.

Top 10 Best Sushi Delivery in Malaysia

There you have it, 10 best sushi delivery in Malaysia that lets you enjoy delicious authentic sushi at home. Sushi lovers, what are you waiting for? Order from the foodpanda app today! 

If you’re adventurous enough, you can try to make your own Kaki Mentai Roll sushi by using our recipe here.

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