The Malaysian International Tea and Coffee Expo

The Malaysian International Tea and Coffee Expo

Tea and coffee are quickly becoming the most sought-after beverages in the world. The demand for good quality tea and coffee continues to soar as most of us cannot go a day without our caffeine fix.

In Malaysia, tea consumption has drastically increased over the past decade. In 2007, Malaysians drank around 19 million kilograms of tea. Whereas, in 2017, it rose to 28 million kilograms. With coffee, its popularity has only risen even further. This only goes to show how just much prospect there is in the coffee and tea business in the future.

The Malaysian International Tea & Coffee Expo

To meet the demands of this rising trend, the Malaysian International Tea & Coffee Expo was invented. This expo aims to present the largest gathering of tea and coffee experts to promote and encourage the business both domestically and internationally.

Happening from 16 January to 18 January 2020 at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), this three-day business trade show will be unveiling some new knowledge and insights about the business and economy that surrounds it.

What To Expect

For avid drinkers of the beverages, the event will also be launching new products for attendees to sample during exhibitions.

Attendees can also expect exhibitors from countries like China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Japan. With such a diverse group of exhibitioners, the event will be an excellent opportunity to connect and network with coffee experts from around the world.

Last year, the event was a dynamic success, with many in attendance of the trade show in the city. 2019 saw a wide variety of events including seminars and talks from international experts, where the floor was open to questions.

The Malaysian International Tea & Coffee Expo 2019 also hosted the battle of Teh Tarik. Coffee-makers competed to produce the best cup of teh tarik. The nation’s favourite tea drink was put to the test in front of a live audience and garnered much attention.

Though there is no confirmation whether 2020’s event will see a similar competition, attendees can rest assured that there will be special highlights to keep the exhibitions entertaining and lively.

More Information

While we are still waiting for more information to be released by the event hosts – the Tea Trade Association of Malaysia – we hope to see more attendees this upcoming year. Especially with all the rise in interest in coffee and tea.

The event is free of charge, but registration is required. Stay tuned to http://www.tea.org.my/tea/events for more information.

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