The Perfect Match – A Cup of Art with Cappuccino

The Perfect Match – A Cup of Art with Cappuccino

What rhymes with Al Pacino? Cappuccino of course! I know. It’s pretty cheesy; but not when you are a fan of Mr.Tarantino, who’s favorite drink is a good cup of cappuccino. Okay, I am going to stop that now. Let’s talk about cappuccino itself. This delicious frothy cup of espresso with cream or milk and topped with foamed milk, is best known to accompany one’s dessert. However, did you know that a good cup of cappuccino heightens the flavors of any other meals? What follows is a series of combination that tastes so much better when paired with an artistic cup of cappuccino.


Delicious, a very popular eatery here in Kuala Lumpur, is well known for their authentic and interesting dishes that are created with their heart and soul put into it. They have outlets in many areas, making it easier to find them.

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With Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang Tok: This piquant dish’s savory flavor heightens when you take a sip of cappuccino in between bites. This perfect match is best consumed in the morning for breakfast or for brunch as it not only energizes you, it will make you feel so satisfied that the hours to follow will be something you will actually look forward to, even if it is going back to your routine job.

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With Black Cod Asam Pedas: The spicy and sour ‘asam pedas’ taste tantalizes your taste buds and a sip of the cold cappuccino that brings out the sweet and bitterness of the coffee, compliments the dish perfectly. Any ardent coffee lover knows that the taste of coffee is exquisite after a hot and spicy dish. That is the science behind this impeccable combination.

Yugo Canteen

Another restaurant that offers a really good cup of cappuccino, which may come as a surprise to many, is the Yugo Canteen in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong. This Japanese Italian fusion place do take their coffee game seriously. They also happen to make unique and delectable dishes like pizza and burgers that are to die for.

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With Wasabi Seafood Pizza: The fresh seafood topping consisting of clams, prawns and squid with wasabi sauce on a pizza, taste way different than what you would expect. The bitter sweet coffee makes the heat given off by the wasabi sauce and the salty freshness, all combine and become this wonderful symphony of tastes. Seriously, try it. It’s an experience on its own!

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With Chicken Curry Pasta: This is a spaghetti dish served with chicken katsu served Japanese curry. The crunchy and juicy chicken katsu, topped with nice generous serving of Japanese curry on a plate of fresh Italian spaghetti. Ideal pairing of this dish with a cup of cappuccino, either hot or cold, makes the crowning combination. This, of all the above is the absolute match made in heaven.

Image credits: Delicious facebook page and Yugo Canteen facebook page.

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