The Perfect Match: The Lowdown on Cincau

The Perfect Match: The Lowdown on Cincau

Bouncy, bouncy! Grass jelly, or better known in Malaysia as Cincau, is a sweet jelly that’s extremely popular in Southeast Asian countries including Taiwan, China and Macau. Cincau is said to have cooling properties, which is great for those living in warmer climates.

It can be served in several ways including being part of a dessert served with fruits and sago pearls, or as a refreshing drink in a cool, tall glass either on its own or with soy bean milk. Sweet and refreshing, cincau has made its way into the hearts and stomachs of Malaysians.

Tasty Porridge

Tasty Porridge serves up delicious porridge dishes in traditional clay pots, as well as other quintessentially Chinese dishes.

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With Authentic Pork Mix Porridge: This porridge dish is served with a mix of pork meat as well as other different parts of the pig including intestines, liver and stomach. The chilled cincau was great after mouthfuls of hot porridge, and did a good job of washing everything down.

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With Kung Po Frog: People say that frog tastes like chicken right? This dish is cooked with onions and dried chilies in a thick, dark soy sauce. The slightly spicy, savory dish goes well with the chilled cincau, and ended the dish on a sweet note.

iThe One Restaurant

Serving up an array of cuisines including Malay, Chinese and Thai dishes, you’ll be spoiled for choice at iThe One Restaurant.

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With Thai Style Fried Glass Noodles: These translucent glass noodles are stir fried Thai Pad Thai style and has a slightly sweet flavour to them. The chilled cincau drink mixed with the noodles makes for a great combination, and does a good job of washing down the taste in your mouth.

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With Five Spice Roll: Flavored with five spice powder, this roll is made with meat filling wrapped in a thin bean curd skin and fried till golden and crisp. We enjoy this a little more with the chili sauce provided on the side! The cincau is delicious with the meat rolls, and texture wise is very satisfying after eating oily and crispy food.

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