The Whale Tea Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

The Whale Tea Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Today, Foodpanda is exploring another bubble tea franchise in Malaysia – The Whale Tea! Known for its signature whale tail statue, The Whale Tea serves not only a series of creative drinks but also a variety of desserts, such as souffle and soft-serve.

The brand originated from Nanjing, China. In Chinese, whales are referred to as ‘jing’ (鯨), which sounds like Nan-jing. Thus, this was how the brand ‘The Whale Tea’ came about. Now, let’s dive into their signature drinks.


That’s right! The Whale Tea uses unique combinations of healthy ingredients that taste amazing. Not to mention how insta-worthy their drinks look, too!

Brown Sugar Series

Brown sugar milk tea drinks are a phenomenon in the world of bubble tea – from its signature ‘shake’ before you drink to the delightful caramel flavour.

In general, the tapioca pearls in the drink are cooked with the brown sugar to achieve that caramelised flavour. Various milk tea franchises adjust their use of cream and add different flavours to create their personal signature brown sugar drinks. The Whale Tea introduces several types of brown sugar drinks, ranging from the classic Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Bubble Fresh Milk to the Brown Sugar Bubble Matcha Latte.

Speciality Series

The Whale Tea also shows their creativity in their Speciality series. In this series of drinks, the franchise introduces unique combinations of drinks with fresh milk. Their best-seller from this series is the Taro Fresh Milk with Oreo – a smooth and creamy drink combined with the crunchiness of the Oreo chunks. As you know, taro milk tea is known for its sweet and rich texture, along with its distinct pastel purple hue. Other options include Taro Fresh Milk and Purple Sweet Potato Fresh Milk which are also worth trying!

Fruit Tea Series

If you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, The Whale Tea’s Fruit Tea Series is a definite must-try! The Whale Tea offers an array of fresh and fruity drinks that are guaranteed to quench your thirst. A highly recommended drink from this series is the Super Seasonal Fruit Tea where various fruits, such as orange, strawberries and blueberries, are used to make this deliciously fresh and flavourful drink. Another great option is the Passion Fruit Tea (I’m sure the title explains the drink).   


Apart from other bubble tea stores, The Whale Tea offers deliciously soft-serves with freshly-made crunchy cones and fluffy souffle desserts. The souffle desserts are so light, fluffy and not-to-mention creative! Among these desserts, the one that stands out is the Island of Whale Souffle where it features a whale island (made from 2 souffle pancakes) resting on the sea. The whale island is coated with blue spirulina milk cream, edible pearls and crafted whale tail and seashells made from white chocolate. On the other hand, the “sea” is made from coconut jelly, blue aiyu crystal jelly and boba. The dessert is beautifully packaged in a transparent globe, perfect for that Instagram shot!

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