Top of the Town – 3 Biryani Varieties to Try in KL

Top of the Town – 3 Biryani Varieties to Try in KL

Biryani! The name itself invokes thoughts of aromatic spices and fragrant long grain rice cooked with a variety of meat…I’m making you hungry, right? It’s every Malaysian’s favourite rice dish (other than nasi lemak) and of course we had to try a few around our place. Here are some of our favourite biryani varieties – of course we expect to find more soon!

Biryani Variety no.1 – Malabar Palace

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Malabar Palace brings to us food from the coast of Malabar in the state of Kerala in South India. Their food is distinctively rich and authentic, thanks to the traditional Malabari recipes and chefs from the native state. The Malabari chicken biryani we tried was wonderfully authentic, because the spices were made from scratch by the chef. You could even request for a spicier version, and they’d make it for you. All in all, a tasty treat!

Biryani Variety no.2 – Tarbush

Biryani | foodpanda Magazine
We ordered Tarbush for our Ramadhan advertising campaign because we wanted something that was Middle-East flavoured. When the food arrived, we could immediately pick up the aroma of the spices in the rice dish, and the chicken came in a separate container with a curry-like gravy. It looked pretty simple but boy, the burst of flavours was to die for! We definitely loved the combination of the gravy and the biryani – it’s a must-try for all Middle-East food aficionados!

Biryani Variety no.3 – Poppo Canteen

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Poppo Canteen serves up quintessential Malaysian food, so being that it would of course have biryani in its menu. Poppo Canteen told us that other than their nasi lemak, their biryani is a best-seller – and we’re not surprised! The long-grain rice was fluffy and well-cooked, and it had a Malaysian nuance to it which sets it apart from other biryanis we have tried. The chicken piece was a generous portion too! We definitely will go back for this one!

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