Top of the Town – 3 gorgeous Spring soups to keep you full

Top of the Town – 3 gorgeous Spring soups to keep you full

When I was younger, I used to read a book series called Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. It was filled with heartwarming and lovely stories about teens and how they overcome adversities and crawl to the finish line. I always wondered though – why name a book series after soup? It always boggled my mind.

Now that I’m touching 30, I realise that soup is the ultimate soul-soother. A good cup of soup can lift your spirits and warm your heart, and sometimes the best soups are the simplest ones. This week’s Top of the Town looks at 3 must-try soups in KL. These are soups that can stand on their own as a meal, and also make great accompaniments to your entrees.

Must-try Soup No.1 – Brix Union

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Brix Union is a restaurant and bar located along Changkat Bukit Bintang, the heart of KL’s nightlife scene. Brix serves up some mean ribs and burgers – typical pub grub – but when we were there, we were lucky enough to try their Cannellini Soup. Made from Italian cannellini beans, the grainy texture of the soup was mouth-wateringly delicious.

The soup contained bits of bacon and kale, and that gave the soup a meaty touch and a hint of nuttiness. It was so good that we had two servings each and practically cleaned the bowl it came in. People often overlook soup in their meal, but this is one soup that can stand alone, especially when eaten with the buttered toast it came with. Awesome is an understatement!

Must-try Soup No.2 – Poppo Canteen

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Poppo Canteen, at first look, struck us as a time-travel machine. It had a retro 70’s feel to its deco, and the food came served in pans and woks that were slightly distressed – very hipster vibe to it! Poppo Canteen serves up quintessential Malaysian favourites, from Nasi Lemak to Briyani right up to Cheese Toast.

When they brought the Tom Yam soup to our table, we assumed it would be like any other tom yam served in Malaysian stalls. To our surprise, the Tom Yam soup was as good as the ones you find in premier Thai restaurants! It was spicy enough to deliver the kick we so desperately wanted, but mild enough for newbies to try. The seafood was fresh and springy, the sourness was delightful and we definitely have plans to go back for more.

Must-try Soup No.3 – Zhia’s Kitchen

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Zhia’s Kitchen, located in Malaysia’s tech city Cyberjaya, felt decidedly rustic and old-school, with its brick walls and wooden tables, replete with red Chinese lanterns and tapestries. When you come to an authentic Chinese restaurant like Zhia’s, be sure to try their soups as Chinese cuisine places much importance to soups for health and wellness.

We had the privilege of trying the Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup when we went there. According to our photographer, the herbs used in the soup have medicinal values and can cure certain ailments. The soup was strong and flavourful, and we loved the herbal aftertaste it left after every slurp. Slow-boiled to perfection, it would be a perfect cup of warmth for a rainy day!

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