Top of the Town – 3 Lovely Desserts You Should Try in KL

Top of the Town – 3 Lovely Desserts You Should Try in KL

Malaysians generally have a sweet tooth, and enjoy our fair share of sugar-coated goodness. It would be weird to have a food blog and not talk about desserts, so this week we’re looking at 3 amazing and very different desserts we have tried, tested and love!

Lovely Dessert No.1 – Simply D

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Simply D is best-known for its fuss-free fresh and wholesome food, but did you know Simply D also serves up some of the meanest desserts in town? We were lucky enough to try their Strawberry and Chocolate Pavlova when we visited them recently.

The pavlova is as good as it sounds! The subtle sourness of the strawberries paired well with the sugary sweetness of the pavlova, and the drizzle of chocolate just added some zing to it – or should we say, ama-zing!

Lovely Dessert No.2 – Pickle & Fig

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Café culture is big here in KL, and Pickle & Fig is definitely one of the cafes that has captured the attention of many. Pickle & Fig is mainly a sandwich and juice bar, but we were definitely pleasantly surprised with the choices of dessert they had to offer.

We got the churros, which came with freshly made caramel and chocolate dips. What can we say? The churros were heavenly, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dips were perfectly flavoured – not too sweet, yet satisfying! Thumbs up!

Lovely Dessert No.3 – Mumbai Delights

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Okay, here’s the thing: Indians LOVE their desserts. Any decent Indian restaurant would definitely serve up a myriad of sweetmeats and desserts because the sweet tooth is strong with this one! When the falooda landed on our tables, our first thought was: it’s so pretty!

It came with a base of rose syrup topped with cream and vermicelli, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and dried candied fruits. It was a wonderful end to a spicy meal, and it was definitely as good as it looked!

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