Top of the Town – 3 of KL’s Best Burgers and Chips

Top of the Town – 3 of KL’s Best Burgers and Chips

“I always say, ‘Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger to stay sane.’.” – Gigi Hadid.

That’s one of the best quotes about burgers, really. They’re a kind of comfort food that never grows old, and never goes out of style – come what fads may. This is why for this week’s Top of the Town, we decided to take the classic route and talk about some of the best burgers and chips in KL. We hope you have fun (and feel a little hungry) reading this!

Fa Ying

Fa Ying | foodpanda Magazine

Why are we writing about burgers from a Thai restaurant? Because the burger was simply mind-blowing, that’s the simple reason! Fa Ying offers modern Thai fare, which features Thai flavours in Western-inspired dishes. Fa Ying’s softshell crab burger and loaded fries made us cry figurative tears of joy!

The wonderfully marinated and seasoned deep-fried softshell crab is complemented with freshly baked burger buns replete with fresh vegetables. Every bite of the burgers was crunchy, crispy and sweet only in the way fresh crabmeat should be. The loaded chips were covered with Thai basil chicken, and we literally licked our way through the can of potato goodness.

Carl’s Jr

Carl's Jr | foodpanda Magazine

Can burgers be healthy? Carl’s Jr replied with a resounding YES and presented to us their Low-Carb Chicken Fillet burger. How can burgers ever be low-carb, you ask? Well, this burger had no bread – not one bit! The crispy whole chicken fillet was topped with crispy chicken bacon, smothered in a special mayonnaise-based sauce, and wrapped with lettuce leaves and nothing else!

When we first saw the burger, we were initially wary of the greenness of it all. After all, burgers aren’t supposed to be green, are they? However, Carl’s Jr managed to make the burger both healthy AND delicious – a combination so rare, it’s like the Hope Diamond. Of course, we also have to sing praises for their crispy hand-cut fries – arguably the best in town!

KAWD by Kaw Kaw

Carl's Jr | foodpanda Magazine

We just know when blood, sweat and love have gone into the making of a burger, and at KAWD we saw just that. How often do you see a lamb burger in fast food joints? KAWD are serious about bringing the best to their customers and that is evident in the effort that goes into the innovation and taste of their fare.

The Classic Lamb Burger was surprisingly tender and juicy, and the mix of spices and herbs in the patty and the salsa spread on the burger gave it a nice spicy kick – absolutely exceeded all expectations! The thin and crispy shoestring fries served with the colossal burger were nicely salted and freshly fried – the perfect accompaniment.

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  1. Seman di Kuching

    Nobody has mentioned the porkies burger weighing in at ONE KILOGRAM each patty!
    Its at Porkies.
    If u can finish in 20 minutes, its free, hehehehe, I wong twice, khkhkhkh….

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