8 Traditional Dishes to Serve during Ramadhan

8 Traditional Dishes to Serve during Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here again, and we’re excited to share some of our favourite traditional dishes to serve during the fasting month. Each family must have their own Iftar must-haves that make an appearance at least once during Ramadhan.

We’re sure you’ll find your favourites here;

1. Roti Jon

Although simple enough to make at home, this Iftar dish sells like hot cakes during Ramadhan, especially at the bazaar. There’s something about the combination of bread, eggs and sauce that makes Roti Jon a must-have when fasting.

And, if you’re lucky enough to buy from a vendor who specialises in this roti, you could add on a beef stew, cheese and an extra topping of mayonnaise! Yum!

2. Ayam Percik

One of the most identifiable scents at the bazaar- the billowing smoke that comes from a small corner packing a huge crowd. Ayam Percik is an upgrade to satays (not that we have anything against satays- we love them!).

Those thick chunks of boneless meat on a stick heavily doused with a sweet and spicy sauce is a great meal to break your fast. By far, the scent of the Ayam Percik will overpower the small haul you get from the bazaar.

3. Drinks

Can you hear that? The revving of the sugarcane crusher motor. Its quite a sight to see the pale green juice collected and served to you. A great drink to have after a long day of fasting- this instant thirst-quencher is a great pick me up if you’ve had an especially tiring day. Best served chilled, we think this drink- a staple in most homes is tradition during Ramadhan.

Another favourite is the soya drink. This pearl white beverage in large containers in front of your favourite drinks store is hard to say no to. You’ll definitely feel more full after having this drink with your iftar!

4. Kuih- Muih

If you’re Malaysian, you’ll know we’re never short on the variety of kuih (small cakes) every time bazaar season is here. We’re partial to the Tepung Pelita, a pretty double layered treat packed in either pandan or banana leaves. The top silky white layer is usually slightly salty to compliment the sweet green and fragrant pandan layer below. It’s the perfect dessert after a heavy iftar!

5. Murtabak

What’s not to love about this premium version of a roti canai? We’re sure you’ll pass by at least two stalls selling Murtabak if not more. Choices, choices- how do you choose the best Murtabak in all of the bazaar?

We recommend looking for the stall with the longest line. They must be doing something right. Choose either a saucy beef or chicken filling to pair with the neon pink pickled onions (a must) and the gravy to pair with the murtabak.

6. Nasi Tomato and Ayam Masak Merah

Even if you have a whole meal prepared at home and the only reason you came to the bazaar was to get side dishes, it always feels weird to leave without a pack of tomato infused rice and its soulmate- the bright red chicken sambal.

We think this dish is as traditional as it gets and if you can find a vendor who actually puts their heart into this meal- a must have during Ramadhan. Even if you end up not eating it (because you’ve stuffed yourself with everything else) you can always save it for sahur the next morning!

7. Popia Basah

Picture a translucent spring roll. You see strips of carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and jicama in between a heavy spoon of chilli sauce and roasted peanuts. We think any sort of spring roll is a great dish to break your fast with- especially these non-fried ones. Some of us don’t even mind waiting and watching the stall owner strategically make a new batch. It’s quite mesmerising.

On the other hand, if you’re a loyal fan of the fried delights- have it your way. We especially love the sugar-sambal soaked ones. Spicy and crunchy- hold yourself from eating everything in one go!

8. Bubur

Porridges amidst the bazaar are a sight for sore eyes (probably from the Ayam Percik smoke), especially on hot days. Packed in clear transluscent containers, bazaars usually sell a large variety of porridges to choose from.

We’re talking about dessert porridges by the way. We especially love Bubur Cha Cha, a creamy porridge made using colourful pearled sago, sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, coconut milk, pandan leaves. A great way to polish off your iftar!

Well, that’s about it, folks. The 8 traditional dishes you can serve during Ramadhan. If you’re fasting while reading this, we apologise for the drool coming out of the side of your mouth right now. No worries though, you can either head on to the nearest bazaar or head on over to the foodpanda app and have one of these traditional dishes delivered to you during Ramadhan!

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Happy Iftar!

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