Umami Boru Delivery in KL

Umami Boru Delivery in KL

When you think of a halal ramen restaurant, Umami Boru will pop up in your head. Umami Boru, located in Tropicana Avenue, is known to be one of the most popular halal eateries in KL. The name of the restaurant means ‘Savoury Bowl’, and we couldn’t agree more! Well, the good news is that Umami Boru delivery is now available in KL! This allows you to have a satisfying bowl of ramen at home.

Umami Boru is one of the Beard Brothers’ latest F&B franchise here in Malaysia. The Beard Brothers started when two men share the same visions of broadening the culture of halal food. They are Chief Pitmaster Nazri Jameson and Afif Ter.

Why is it called Beard Brothers? Well, it’s simply because both of them have beards! Their philosophy of slow cooking is applied to all their franchise, including Umami Boru. That being said, the broth of the ramen in Umami Boru is slow-cooked for maximum flavours. 

Dishes to Order for Umami Boru Delivery in KL:

Umami Boru offers a variety of ramen choices and here are some of their signature dishes recommended by us:

  • Chicken Ramen

Chicken ramen might be a common dish in many ramen restaurants, but what makes Umami Boru different is the ramen broth. Cooked for 12 hours, this homemade chicken ramen broth will make your jaws drop.

Its rich and savoury taste is something you can’t find anywhere else! Deep fried chicken kaarage, soft boiled egg, dried nori spring onion, and sesame seeds are added to complement this ramen. It is the cheapest ramen on the menu, priced at RM18. Tasty and affordable!

  • Beef Ramen

Calling out all beef ramen lovers! You have to try their beef ramen, you won’t regret it. Similar to chicken ramen, the broth is also cooked for 12 hours.

The side ingredients are the same as chicken ramen, but the beef plays an important role in the dish. The tenderness of the beef and the rich beef broth bring the flavours of the ramen to another level. 

  • Meet Dumplings

If there’s still some space in your tummy, we recommend trying out their Meet Dumplings. This potsticker dumplings stuffed with fragrant minced beef are perfect to complete your hearty meal. We can assure that your tummy will be full and satisfied after eating these dumplings. Not to mention that it is also affordable, priced at only RM9!

 And there you have it! Umami Boru’s signature dishes recommended by us. For more information, browse the Beard Brothers’ website here.

However, if you would like to just stay at home, you can also order the delicious ramens through foodpanda. Just a few clicks away and you’ll have your cravings delivered right to your doorstep!

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