World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

Are you a vegan? Yes, November is the month where we celebrate all vegans around the world. Vegans who practice veganism is appreciated and celebrated in this date every year. This diet requires vegan to avoid eating any animal-based products and ingredients in dishes.

There are three different versions of vegan, and they are dietary vegans, ethical vegan and environmentalist vegan. The core concept of vegan is not consuming any food that is animal-based like dairy products which are derived from the animals. This type of vegan is considered as a dietary vegan.

For ethical vegan or also known as a moral vegetarian is a philosophy or faith that is believed by the vegan; where the animal should not be used for any purpose in life. For example, ethical vegan highly opposed the usage of animal in cosmetics and clothing industry.

Environmentalist vegan is the people who against industrial farming of animals. These people fight for the animals and the unsustained and damaging environments. November 1st was selected as the World Vegan Day to celebrate these fighters in protecting the animals and the environment.

History of World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day was first celebrated on November 1, 1994. An event celebrating this day was first established by the chairperson of The Vegan Society United Kingdom, Louise Wallis. The first held event was dedicated to commemorating the 50th anniversary of the organisation.

November 1 was selected as the date of the World Vegan Day as the exact date of the establishment of The Vegan Society is unknown. Louis Wallis who personally chose 1st of November because of the other events that are also happening in that date which are Samhain/Halloween and Day of the Dead.

The World Vegan Day celebration is 1994 was also to appreciate the terms ‘vegan’ and ‘veganism’ that were coined in 1944. The term veganism is actually the practice of abstaining from the usage of animal products in every dishes and food. The follower of this diet is known as a vegan.

Benefits of Being a Vegan

There are several benefits of being a vegan. This helpful diet helps you much more than you can imagine. Here are some of the benefits of being a vegan;

  • Rich in particular nutrients.

Whole food vegan diet is consuming whole grains, fruits and vegetables as the main dish. Replace every animal-based food you take daily with a more healthier choice. Vegan diets are rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E.

  • Promote weight Loss

This diet can aid you to reduce calorie intake in your daily food. You can control your calorie by consuming a lot of plant-based food. A bunch of vegetables is still low in calorie as compared to the flavoured meat consumed in one bite.

  • Lower your level of blood sugar levels

This diet can help to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The vegans have a higher insulin sensitivity which may help them in lowering the blood sugar levels.

  • Lower risk of heart disease

The vegan diet is consuming fresh fruits, greens and fibre which is the best in lowering risk of heart disease.  Whole grains and nuts provide the best nutrient and vitamins that are good for your heart.

How to Celebrate World Vegan Day

There are several ways of celebrating World Vegan Day. For a non-vegan, you can celebrate this day by being a vegan for a day. Experience a life of eating healthy with only plant-based food and try to not being a carnivore for a day. Experience being a vegan by ordering a vegetarian menu from the listed restaurants;

1. Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian

This restaurant serves a variety of vegetarian dishes for you, greens lover. Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian serves the best vegetarian asam seaweed beancurd. Now you can enjoy eating greens in a flavorful bowl of beancurd.

2. Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian

From a whole dish to tofu, this restaurant serves a wide range of vegetarian menu. Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian serves the best braised-mushroom with choy sum for you green lover. The taste of the choy sum is perfect to pair with the mushroom making you salivating over the visuals.

World Vegan Day was traditionally celebrated by doing activities with The Vegan Society United Kingdom for a day. Among the activities within the organisation are;

  • Setting up stalls

Stalls are opened to sell vegan diet dish to encourage people to eat more plant-based food. This activity is also to support the farmer and the vegetarian business the society have.

  • Potlucks with your loved ones

Potlucks are one of the economical ways of holding an event with your loved ones. Potlucks can also be done between you and your colleagues, between your relatives and between your friends. A pleasant activity to exchange dishes and make more memorable memories with people around you.

  • Planting memorial trees

This activity is the highlight of the event, where people can start plant memorial trees to reflect and remember of their unforgettable memory. Besides, memorial trees planting is an excellent activity in encouraging people to plant and appreciate trees.

Don’t forget to mark World Vegan Day on your planner. Celebrate this day with your loved ones by appreciating more greens in our life. Find out more about vegetarian restaurants in foodpanda.

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