Worlds Leading Wines Kuala Lumpur

Worlds Leading Wines Kuala Lumpur

November is the awaited month for the wines lover in Kuala Lumpur. November 5th, 2019, marks the day of the assembling of all sorts of wine from all over the world. Wine distributors and producers from a variety of places will gather and provide all kinds of wine for review and tasting. The tasted wines will be the topic of discussion between the taster. The focus is usually on the price of the wines and the production of the wines.

History of wine

The word wine is derived from the Proto-Germanic word ‘winam’ which means vine (grape). Grape wine production was first discovered in Armenia, which dated at least 6100 years ago. A winery aged at least 6100 years old was found in the Areni-1 winery in Armenia in 2007. The discovery is the most significant event in the world of wine.

Wine plays a crucial role in religion. Each of the wine symbolises different meaning in the faith. For example, red wine symbolises blood by the ancient Egyptians. Wine has been consumed traditionally for its intoxicating effects.

Types of wine

There are several types of wines. Wines can be ranging from grape juice, rice wine and to fruit wines. Different ingredients of wines making produce different taste of wine. Each of the wine has its seemingly unique and beautiful taste.  Here are some of the famous wines to date.

  • Rice wine

Rice wine is a type of alcoholic drinks which is made of rice. The process of fermenting and distilling rice to produce wine is famous in East and Southeast Asia. Usually enjoyed over formal dinners, banquets, religious ceremony and also used as one of the cooking ingredients.

  • Fruit Wine

Other than using grape juice, fruit wine is using a variety of fruit as a base to a wine ingredient. Among the fruits used in making wine is plum, pomegranate, pineapple, cherry, banana, orange and berries. Fruit wines are traditionally well-known in the cold climates places like North America and Scandinavia.

  • Grape Wine

Grape wine is the most enjoyed wine by people all over the world. It is made of fermented grapes and yeast. Yeast in the wine is the most crucial element in wine. Yeast is the distinguisher between wine and grape juice. With the different amount of yeast and different varieties of grape, the wine production results different in style.

WHO should join & WHY

World’s Leading Wines Kuala Lumpur is the best place for the wine lover whether you are the consumer or the producer. It is the perfect venue for the producer to showcase their unique wines to have a thorough discussion of the products.

If you are searching for a different type of wine that is perfect for your palate or you simply enjoy a different style of wine, World’s Leading Wines Kuala Lumpur is the ideal event for you. More of the reason why you should never miss the opportunity to attend World’s Leading Wines Kuala Lumpur. To check out more about this event, please click on World’s Leading Wines to read more about the events. Visit foodpanda to know more about dishes and food events and holidays.

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