Best 7 Roti Bakar (Toast) You Must Try in KL

Best 7 Roti Bakar (Toast) You Must Try in KL

Can you imagine yourself having French toasts and latte for breakfast? But more than that, remember enjoying a simple yet fulfilling roti bakar, especially at a kopitiam? In fact, every bite that you take brings you back to memory lane. As nostalgic as it could be, what you could do is enjoy the best roti bakar with your childhood friends in KL. Here are the 7 best!

1. Yut Kee Restaurant

You can get one of the best roti bakar here while being in KL. Yut Kee is a generationally family-owned business. Hence the secret recipes had passed down to the current owner. They serve simple, authentic meals that you can get in any kopitiam but best known for their famous kaya butter toast.

The kaya is homemade and is lathered between toasty bread with a side of butter. We are sure your mouth is drooling already. Also, try out their chicken or pork chop and butter cake. They taste as good.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 7:30am-3pm; *Closed on Mondays
Address: 1, Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

2. Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea & Coffee

This place is famous among the locals for their roti bakar. Once you try their butter toast, you are sure to come back for it again. With the thick slice of butter sandwiched between the bread leaves a perfect taste of a toast.

You can pimp it with a refreshing coffee and a pair of half-boiled egg that would make you a perfect kopitiam breakfast. Make sure to try their signature coffee.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 5:30pm-2am; *Closed on Mondays
Address: Lot 85, Kompleks Perniagaan Bersepadu Pudu (ICC Pudu)

3. Thong Kee Café

Expect a huge crowd here, especially during peak hours. Nevertheless, their services and quality of food are well maintained, so not to worry about that. You can pick from their classic and unconventional toasts, but their best is the croissant sandwich.

Also, you must get your hands on their classic roti bakar with eggs. It is sure to ring you your childhood days. Pair it with a hot cup of teh Tarik, and you’ll be good to go.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 7am-4:30pm; *Closed on Mondays
Address: 33, Jalan 21/1, Sea ark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

4. Lim Kee Café

This is the very spot most old people meet up. You’ll love the old school ambience that you’ll experience here. Lim Kee’s menu is usually simple that has few bread and egg dishes with several choices of drinks and cakes to go with.

In spite of their limited menu, they are best at what they do. So, you should try their toast and egg and finish off with a good cup of coffee. An excellent spot to catch up with your friends too.

Opening hours: Daily, 9:30am-6pm
Address: 66-68, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

5. Capital Café

Capital Café serves the best coffees in KL. Along with that, you will see how multi-racial this place is for the love of their coffee. Their roti bakar is a must-try if you are in KL because they have the best in KL. The locals love them!

Also, expect a massive crowd at this, especially during peak hours but don’t be discouraged by it. Get here earlier, and you can always enjoy the best first meal of the day. You can get our hands on their mee hailam, nasi padang and rojak too which are as famous.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-8pm; Saturdays, 10:30am-9pm; Closed on Sundays
Address: 213, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, City Centre 50100 Kuala Lumpur

6. Choon Guan Coffee Shop 1956

This place is a classic historical kopitiam that you should not miss out. It is set in the heart of Pandaraman with their traditional Hainanese food. Their list in the menu could go on and on but keep an eye on their toasts. Especially on their roti kahwin, kaya and butter slabbed between the toast that is capable of making your taste buds go crazy.

Opening hours: Thurs-Tues, 6am-4pm; *Closed on Wednesdays
Address: Lorong Amarasegara, Kawasan 12, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor

7. Sin Hoy How

Not forgetting this remarkable coffee shop that you can never get over with their fried egg and turkey ham sandwiched between toasty bread. They even roast their own coffee and use their signature coffee powder. What more authenticity are you looking for? Get a dark, aromatic coffee to perfectly pair with your toast, and you are good to go!

Opening hours: Daily, 7am-2pm
Address: No. 7, Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

And there you have it, folks! The 7 best roti bakar (toast) in KL. Also, have a read on our recipe for roti bakar here. You can also discover more food and snacks on foodpanda. When you make your order, they will deliver it to you right at your doorstep!

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