Subang Jaya Buffet Places: Best Buffets Worth Eating in Subang Jaya

Subang Jaya Buffet Places: Best Buffets Worth Eating in Subang Jaya

Buffets offer a variety of delicious choices for you to enjoy with your family or friends. The all-you-can-eat concept for a certain amount of time under the price of RM100 seems like a good deal! Therefore, why not show some love and appreciation to your loved ones and treat them to a meal they won’t forget! Therefore, check out these best places for a buffet at Subang Jaya!

1. Fei Fan Hotpot

This Hong Kong-style buffet is the best hotpot buffet deal that we can get! From only RM35.90++, you get to eat the highest quality hotpot with your friends and family. Among the variety of soup bases to choose from, you can pick your two favourite flavours of hotpot base of your choice.

The soup bases are signature pork bone soup, spicy Mala, pepper pig’s stomach soup and tomato soup. Best of all, you may choose to add in their Chinese wine into your soup bases to enhance the flavour!

Their hotpot ingredients include shabu meats, meatballs, vegetables, dumplings, fish roe balls, cheese balls, mushrooms, corns, tofus, beancurd, innards, unique homemade fish noodle and many more!

2. Bamboo House Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ has always been my favourite buffet cuisine. Usually, when it comes to buffet meal deal, the first thing I will look for is Korean BBQ! The Bamboo House Korean BBQ in Subang Jaya offers an affordable buffet deal for all.

From only RM32, you get to eat all kinds of marinated meat and other Korean side dishes as well. The fun part of Korean BBQ, one might say, is the cooking part, where you’ll be able to cook the meat yourself and eat it right away.

Their menu offers a wide range of dishes and meat, such as pork belly, marinated pork, chicken, Kimchi, rolled eggs, mushrooms, Korean pancakes and many more!

3. Suki-Ya

Suki-Ya is well-known for its Japanese style shabu-shabu, and it is available across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. From only RM34.80, you get to eat all kinds of shabu-shabu meat and other side dishes.

Here, it is suggested to make a reservation or else you may have to queue up for about half an hour to get a seat. Their menu offers chicken slices, beef slices and lamb slices. Other than that, they have sushi, vegetables, corns, mushrooms, eggs, edamame, fried rice, Sashimi, gyoza, tempura and many more!

What’s unique about Suki-Ya is the eating method. How you eat is to dip your shabu meat into the pot of your chosen soup broths, then once it is cooked, you dip it into a small bowl of beaten raw eggs. Then you slurp your meat until you are full and satisfied.

4. Terazza Brassserie

This fancy buffet is located inside Dorsett Hotel. Decorated in a Mediterranean setting, you may choose to dine in during the morning, afternoon or at night! For only RM98 onwards, you get to eat the highest quality of local, seafood, BBQ, steamboat and international buffet.

5. Aoki-Tei

Japanese buffet deal is always the best and ideal choice. As we all know, Japanese buffet uses the freshest ingredients. Therefore, in Aoki-Tei, they serve the highest quality seafood and dishes ingredients.

From only RM78 onwards, you get to eat salmon Sashimi, butterfish Sashimi, house Sake, Saba Shioyaki, Shishamo, sushi varieties, beef, Teppanyaki, soba salad, Chawan Mushi, Miso soup, grilled seafood and many more!

There you have it, recommended buffet places in Subang Jaya! Discover more options and order your meals using the foodpanda app! Just a few clicks and food will be right at your doorstep.

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