Best Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy during Ramadhan

Best Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy during Ramadhan

Ramadhan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar. During Ramadhan, Muslims across the world fast and abstain from eating and drinking during sunlight hours. In Malaysia, you’ll see that Ramadhan is celebrated just as much as Hari Raya! Let’s admit, not all the food choices which we make during Ramadhan are healthy.

And over here, we’re known to host some of the best bazaars during Ramadhan. The crowds at these bazaars usually match the variety of food sold every day for the month. What can we say? Malaysians love food.

But, it’s best to keep in mind that as much as we’d like to reward ourselves after a day of fasting, indulgence isn’t the point of Ramadhan. So, for the crowd out there who are fasting (and for those of you who aren’t), try to make this month count by making healthier choices!

Check out our Best Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy during Ramadhan.

  • Salads

If you’ve tried your hand at fasting in Malaysia, you’ll quickly realise one of the biggest hurdles of the day is our hot and humid weather. So, in order to keep healthy try to eat your water.

Yes, we said that right. Choose fruits and vegetables with high water content to provide you with a crunchy and hydrating filling of minerals and fibre (you’ll need this more than ever!)

So for both sahur (pre-dawn meal) and iftar (break fast), try to pack in at least one serving of salads or other cooked veggies.

Check out this Thai Beef Salad recipe, and whip up this protein-packed appetiser that will instantly hydrate your body after chugging down that glass of water.

Or, you could even try your hand Chicken Avocado Salad. Packed with healthy fats, protein and a whole lot of fresh veggies, your body will thank you!

  • Main Meals

We know how it is. Minutes before you break your fast, you’re in this intense stare-off with the platter on your table. You’re probably forming a sequential order on what to gorge down first. And we’re not here to judge. We’re just here to suggest healthier options for you to feast on. The last thing you want out of your fasting month is a doctor’s visit.

If you’re short on time and couldn’t be bothered with doing the dishes after iftar, then give a go at this Korean one-pot meal. This recipe for Korean BBQ Chicken with Rice is the perfect dinner when you have one of those nights where you have an intense craving for Korean food. Instead of dining out, prepare this healthy meal right at home!

Or check out this Thai Chicken Curry recipe to pair with your rice. This creamy, protein-packed meal is sure to fill you up.

Another thing that’s great about Ramadan is that you’ll get a chance to expand your culinary skills- what with all the inspiration on your social media feed. We promise this dish is the best place to start!

For those of you who plan to go plant-based, this Ramadhan remember to pack in your proteins! This Vegetable Curry recipe is great and will last you a few servings.

You can always add in chickpeas to your salad and your curry. This fun and easy Vegetarian Pasta is a great dish too!

  • Desserts

You might be thinking of getting that buy 5 free 1 chocolate glazed doughnut set for iftar. Just as long as you don’t inhale the whole thing in one seating, you’re good.

But, why not explore some healthier options to keep you fuelled for the month. If you were brought up in a traditional household, you’ll be familiar of the Asian dessert- fruits.

Yes, it may sound underwhelming when you compare it to a sugar-laden dessert, but fruits will hydrate you and fill you up. And if there’s one thing we want to do during the hours we’re allowed to eat is to keep up that water content!

This Rojak recipe is a fun way to spice up your serving of local fruits. For Sahur, dig into a probiotic fuelled Fruit Yoghurt. Make these recipes ahead of time and have a chilled and healthy dessert daily.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, you’ll make this Ramadhan a great one!

Remember, you are what you eat! So instead on indulging on high-sugar and simple carbs that will most likely give you short bursts on energy throughout your fast leaving you in burnout hours before iftar, choose smart. Hopefully these suggestions of healthy food can help you during Ramadhan!

By choosing these healthier options, you’re more likely to be more productive – and may see positive effects on your skin and overall health. You can also browse through healthy food choices on foodpanda during the Ramadhan season!

So, Ramadhan Mubarak and happy fasting!

Article Written By Marcovy

Marcovy is a passionate writer who thinks life is about living to eat and enjoying it to the fullest. He wanted to explore the restaurants around Malaysia and the idea of documenting those food experiences was what inspired him to start writing food blog.

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